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Well, you've found a great place to begin your quest to learn how to play piano... is a resource for the adult looking to play piano for the first time, or re-learn after being away from the piano since childhood.

This is a place for both the novice and for someone who would like to know more about the piano and the people who have made the instrument and its music what it is today.

Here at you'll find free diagrams of the notes of the keyboard and the musical staff. Plus, you'll find a piano chord chart, and you can learn how to build any major, minor or seventh chord!

At, you'll learn how to play piano: using your fingers, hands and arms to their fullest potential, to get the best sound with the least effort!

Here you can learn how to read music: learn to know the notes on the staff, and how to play the rhythms correctly. The ability to read musical notation opens up a whole world of music for you to enjoy, from the classics by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to classic rock by Little Richard, Billy Joel and Elton John.

You can add your own page to teach-me! Tell the world about your piano or keyboard, or your favorite pianist!

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If you would like to know more about famous pianists, has short biographies of pianists that have had a major influence on music. There are bios on famous classical pianists/composers, and pianists from the worlds of jazz, blues and rock.

You can also learn about the piano itself: the different types of pianos and keyboards, the piano's action parts and how they work, and how to take care of a piano.

Explore, read, enjoy and learn!

Please contact us with questions, suggestions or comments. We'd love to hear from you!

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