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G Major Scale Primary Triads Two, Instant Piano Genius
June 09, 2012

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Quick and Easy Video: The V7 Chord
Piano Exercise: The G Major Primary Triads #2
Easy Piano Music: There Is A Tavern in the Town
And more!

This is issue 15, June 9, 2012
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Quick and Easy Video:The V7 Chord

Watch this video "The V7 Chord" if you are new to piano, and if not, it may be a good review for you. These videos are excerpted from "The Piano Guide Book Video Series." Please disregard the last 30 seconds of the video, as you have obviously already subscribed to the e-zine!

Here's a great tip from Ian Hingley of Australia: watch the videos with VLC Media if you experience jittery motion in the videos.
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Piano Exercise: The G Major Primary Triads #2

Here's another exercise to help with the primary triads in the key of G. Download "The G Major Primary Triads #2"

Easy Piano Music: There Is A Tavern in the Town

This is a fun easy number in C, featuring the primary triads. "D.S. al Fine" tell you to return to the beginning and play to the word "fine." Download "There Is A Tavern in the Town"

Sorry, no MP3 this week.

Piano News:

Man Becomes Piano Genius After Hitting His Head: Proof Life Is Totally Unfair
this is the incredible story of "acquired savant" Derek Amato. And if you're studiously practicing the piano several hours a day, you will hate him... Instant Piano Genius

Steinway latest art case piano released
Steinway & Sons, a top piano brand with 159-year history, released its latest unique art case piano Spring Time in Beijing on Tuesday night. The piano, which is based on a Louis XV style Steinway M grand piano, was designed by American decorative painter and fine artist Rick Muto, who now lives in Rochester, New York.... Steinway Artcase Piano

Optical Velocity Sensor Piano Action
Update your old upright! Check out this blog (with video) showing an optical sensor system using an upright piano action... Optical Sensor for Piano

Grand piano action model
Read this blog (with video) by a woodworker who made a grand action model... Grand Action Model

Pianist gets a chance at practicing on historic piano
An 1869 Steinway 7-foot long grand piano, which was donated to the Pulliam Community Building Foundation by Ginny Pulliam of Denver, is now in a temporary position at the Adams home, where Matthew will use it for practice as he prepares for college auditions....1869 Steinway

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